Friday, December 19, 2008

Deal Alert!

So I got my hair cut yesterday! The mullet is finally gone, and my hair is short like it was about this time last year.. It's fine, but I just really want to dye it back brown now!
Didn't get a chance to take good pics yet of the tree (or my hair), but I promise I'll have 'em up before Christmas! :O)

So I just wanted to let you in on a GREAT deal alert.. I checked out my Old Navy ad today, and they're having a really great $6 sale! Tons of items (like scarves, shirts, ties, hats, gloves, slippers, pj pants, and more) for just 6 dollars. What a deal! And tomorrow they're giving out a $500 shopping spree to one of the first 200 shoppers in each store! If you don't win that and you're in the first 200, you can win a 5 or $10 coupon or free denim. Woohoo!
You bet I'll be there! I'm going to win that shopping spree! ;D

Make sure to check your local ad for Old Navy, because it may differ from location. But it should be game on for ya!

Did a little online shopping for gifts today.. Michale's about covered now! Just have a few more people to shop for, and I really really really want to get it done before Monday, because that's when I start picking up shifts at work.

Hope you have a happy weekend, and if you're being affected by all this snow I hope you stay warm! :O)


Lindsey said...

I love Old Navy! I have countless pairs of $2 flip flops from there. I hope you get the shopping spree! Sending you some shopping luck!