Wednesday, October 8, 2008

What do you think?

So I designed about 500 different moo cards, thinking of new ideas each time, but I haven't decided for sure whether to even do them or not.

100 mini cards (1x3 inches) = $20 + $5 shipping. That means .25 a card. For being super adorable, this seems okay for me, but I have my reserves (see below).
50 business cards (regular size) is the same price as above.

They both have my pictures on the front (as many different ones as I want), and all of my business and contact information on the back. Super cute, but I can't decide which is better.
The mini-moos are adorable and unique in their size, but I'm afraid they may be harder to keep track of because they're smaller.
But the business cards are pretty expensive!

Oh, choices..
I can make the fronts of the cards using pictures I've taken of my items (and I made one with ME, too! hahaha), or I can make them using text, as seen above.

What do you think?

  • mini-moos (if so, do you like pictures or text?)
  • business cards
  • yes business cards, but use another company (if you choose this, please let me know what's better!)
  • any other option??
To be super awesome sweet, I think I'll make this a little contest.
Whoever responds to this post will get an entry to win a a sweet little gift from yours truly (you do know I make things other than record bowls.. right?!). Deadline to enter is 11:59pm EST on WEDNESDAY, October 15th. I'll draw my winner on Thursday (or Wednesday night, if I'm still up!)
Please include an email address or some way to get in touch with you if you win.. etsy shop name is fine and I can send you a convo.
Fine print: If winner does not claim/respond within 48 hours, I have the right to PICK ANOTHER WINNER! And first winner will forfeit the booty! Yarrr

So there we go! My first giveaway, on a whim. :O)
Can't wait to see what you all think!


Sara said...

I like the second picture better! Its more eye catching to me! =] There was another card company out there..oh my gosh, as I am writing this, I remembered their name: Vista Print or Vista Printing... I remember they were pretty cheap. Not sure what all you can do with the cards and such though. Anywho, cute! =]

Lindsey said...

If you go for standard size business cards, I also want to suggest Vista Print. They're cheap.

But I personally think you should go with the mini-moos, the ones in the first screenshot. I think the smaller size catches a person's attention, it's not a regular old business card.

quitecontrary1977 said...

I can't be too helpful with the card issue. I don't know squat about printing them, but I love your design.

jenniferladd said...

I like the mini-moos. They are different, so they are a bit more memorable. I like the greens and blues that you have in your picture.


Rachel said...

I vote... umm... mini moos for sure. Aaand... I think the first screenshot. I was thinking pictures of your items, but I'm not sure that would translate well to such a little card. Good luck choosing!

ForKeeps said...

I agree, that moo cards are uber-cute, but will get lost in the shuffle because of their size. I personally use business cards, but why not do some of each?
You can get business cards printed at VisaPrint for super cheap. Take the moo-cards to your local kinkos, and trim them yourself.

Estela said...

I got my business cards from moo!! They turned out really great! I say go with the business cards, the minis are cute but they could be hard to keep track off!

Cheri Pie said...

I just ordered business cards from and they turned out great! They have a lot more choices than vista prints plus I think you can upload your own image. If you enter the code CARDS08 at checkout you get $10 off. I got 100 one sided cards and all I had to pay was shipping.

The mini moos are pretty cool though!

topaz08 said...

I prefer regular business cards. I use Vista Print, and you can design your own card there. They have reasonable prices and quick delivery too.

my etsy name is topaz08


blueviolet said...

You did a great job with the design and I think the second one makes the letters pop out a bit more. I haven't used Vista Print for cards but I've used them for custom stamps and they were inexpensive and quick to ship.

Carrie G said...

just saw you on twitter. I definitely like the mini-moos. I have been playing around with them, too. A different size isn't a bad thing, makes you different and definitely pictures. And I think I would do favorite pictures of your items. Moo's are meant for photos - well, at least I think so.

Jamie Lovely said...

Personally I don't like mini moo cards. I think you can do more with a regular sized business card because you have more space. But the key to it is not to look cluttered but still clean, simple, interesting and with your information.

I used a local company and the girl who designed my blog to make cards for my blog (which is my business/brand) and I could not be more satisfied!

Jamie Lovely said...

P.S. Here is a link to mine :)

and my email address: jamieATohhowlovelyDOT net

both of these should be one entry. I pressed enter to quickly, sorry!