Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Exams, end of the semester, ready for the summer!

So I've taken one exam (and ACED it!) and I only have one other on Thursday. I really lucked out, not having a ton of exams like a lot of my friends. I know I'll have mine coming, though!
I hate moving.. the only moving I've ever had to do is in and out of dorm rooms, and I really hate it. I can't work up the motivation to box things up and organize and clean and take care of this stuff, but I really need to. A good amount of my things are going home with my boyfriend tomorrow afternoon when he goes home, and I have to fit the rest of it in my car when I finish moving out on Thursday.
I've done quite a bit of craftythings lately, just haven't gotten the chance to take any pictures.
Really excited to just get out of here so I can work for the summer.. I need to make some serious money.

Plus, I really miss living at home. I love Raleigh. :O)

Not a whole lot to talk about in this post, just wanted to update and tell you I'm still here! :D