Sunday, April 6, 2008

Finally a sister!

This week has been absolutely crazy, but this weekend was amazing! Relay for Life was yesterday, but we left early (1am!) because a really bad storm was about to hit.. which it did. It's rained straight since just before 2am yesterday, along with lots of thunder and lightning and stuff, you know.
But I had a red bull at 1am, thinking I would be staying up all night with my sorority, and we left, so I was sitting in my room at 2am, couldn't get to sleep, so I scrapbooked! I finally made my first paper bag album, and I am really impressed! :D I'm really pleased with how it turned out, but I'm still working on a few more embellishments. haha

My sorority had our Alumni Dinner tonight in Pollocksville, NC.. about an hour and a half away from Greenville, where I am at school. It was really great getting to meet more alumni of the sorority and we had a great time. Ended up, we got INITIATED tonight!! We don't know about initiation until it happens in my sorority, so we had no idea it was coming! I am so relieved and ridiculously excited! My best friends are finally my sisters for life! :O)

I am so happy to finally be a sister of ΓXE!


You can call me Lucky. said...


I am SUPER excited for you!!!