Monday, April 21, 2008

Exciting weekend!

The weekend was great! Went on an adventure every day and got to work with my new camera.. Here are some pictures. I'm making a crafty post next!

Thursday: An old abandoned tobacco warehouse in downtown Greenville (NC) caught on fire.. it was pretty crazy! The fire was quite a few miles away from campus (this is taken from an intersection close to my dormitory) and there was ash scattered on the sidewalks and on some cars. I like to call this the Great Greenville Fire of '08. Also, this is the day Obama came to town. :P

Friday: My sister came to town for an adventure.. Her birthday was on Saturday, but she took the day off work to come visit! We went to New Bern, NC to see the Tryon Palace gardens and the birthplace of Pepsi Cola.

Saturday: Jess, Doug, Michale, and I took a trip to Atlantic Beach outside of Morehead, NC.. We're so anxious for classes to be over with (Exams start next week!) so we had to take a trip on a beautiful day to get away.

Michale and I are big dummies though.. we didn't put any sunscreen on! So we're feeling the burn this week.
The weather has been GORGEOUS and held up long enough for lots of fun. Now it's cold and rainy again, but skies should clear up in a few days! :O)