Monday, March 31, 2008

Some neat things lately..

This is my happy buddha, he's great. Inspires me every day to live well and peaceful. :O)

The view from my dorm suite.. The flowers started blooming a few weeks ago and it smells amazing all over campus! However, there's pollen all over the place (including in my room from the window), and there's flower petals all over the hall floor in the suite since the door doesn't quite reach the bottom of the doorway..

My friend, Jess, and I made paper bag puppets on a boring evening last week.. but it was a whole bunch of fun! Then my boyfriend thought it was trash and balled it up to thow at her.. ha! I drew an ECU shirt and purple and gold hair and everything! Thought it was a funny picture.. it makes me smile when I see it!

So in other news, I passed all of my tests last week.. Hooray! I'm supposed to be working on a huuuge project paper for marketing right now before I meet with my group to tell them I've done my part of the work this evening.. but I'm not motivated at all. I went to Michael's today to shop around and got some fun things.. And I made a spreadsheet this weekend to track my expenses and what I'm spending on craft supplies and what money I'm making from things. Figured it might be a rude awakening when I find I spend three times what I make.. but it's something that I should do! All these business classes are really helping me out with my etsy store and other crafty stuff I do. :O)

Oh! And I found my university has a teaching resource center, so there are like 600 die-cuts there and a laminator and lotsss of potential. Because I can use everything for free, as long as I bring my own paper. Sweet!
So if anyone needs any cute die cuts of birdies, apples, or whatever, let me know! ;D