Thursday, March 13, 2008

I was thinking..

Maybe I am way too excited about everything?

But then I remembered that that's just me. And I am ALWAYS excited! It might as well be my middle name! :O)

Had dinner with my big sister in my sorority tonight.. I love her. She's even more RECYCLE-EVERYTHING and lovin' the earth than I am.. and that's totally amazing! :P

I took lotttsss of pictures today of jewelry findings that my sister surrendered to me because she wanted to get rid of things, and I found someone through alchemy that mayyy be interested. I hope so, because I don't need this stuff either!
Considering my camera is as old as it is and has been through as much as it is.. the pictures aren't so bad.
And my sister's dog (who is staying over through monday, did I mention?) apparently started playing with it and trying to eat it while home alone this morning when my mom and I were at work.. they're slobber stains all over it and it was on the floor! :(

Anywho, here you go. I thought they looked pretty cool, and it's using the only focusing setting my camera has.. it's supposed to be close-up for plants.. LOL.
These are just a few things, and if the person I'm convo-ing with on etsy isn't interested, they'll be up in my shop for destashing very very soon! (But feel free to contact me before then if you want them! I'm pretty much dying to get them out!) :)

Have a happy day! It's just now FRIDAY! :D