Monday, August 9, 2010

Weekly recipe list

I'm going to confess. I graduated college in May, and I live a few blocks from campus. Since I was so close (and I had NO idea where the campus shuttle bus stopped in my neighborhood to drive me over there), I walked to class every day. Sun, rain, hail, snow, ice.. you name it, I walked it. Or rode my bike in it. ..I digress.

Anyways, since I graduated, I have been either on vacation or working at my full-time desk job. And when I say desk job, I mean it. Desk. Job. I sit at my desk 90% of my day when I'm not getting up to go to the restroom, walking to the shipping dock, or getting a file folder from the supply closet. I do a lot of spreadsheet analysis, replying to emails, and things like that.

So I've gained some weight over the past 2 months since I graduated.

Most of me is blaming it on the fact that I'm not walking like I used to, which was definitely exercise. Part of me wants to think that I'm gaining weight like I'm spending money.. because we've been eating out a lot more (lazy) and I've been spending more than normal.

So here's my plan. I'd like to start posting my menu for the week so I can get myself organized, aware of how much I eat out, and hopefully get OUR eating habits better. M and I are guilty of not eating our fruits and veggies like we should.

Are you ready? I'd love your help on this project as well.. If you have any good recipes that are easy and don't require a lot of ingredients (still in a broke college student mind-set without a lot of time) I would LOVE to hear from you!

Thanks, and post some recipes! :)