Monday, August 2, 2010

Cloud of suspense?

I have a nice good list of crafting projects I'd like to tackle soon, but there is this gigantic cloud hovering over me like something major is coming up.

Oh yeah..


I've joined forces with the ECU Marching Pirates for another year, but this time I'm not a student member and I'm not marching. I'm the staff photographer! This means I'll be at all the games with a spiffy press pass, allowing me to go most anywhere I want to go.

This also means I'll be out on the practice field with them a LOT when I get the chance outside of my FT job.. primarily band camp, which is coming up in a few weeks. I'll be hanging around a lot during practice over the weekend to get some good action shots of the students and staff doing work. Oh yeah, and I'll be at all the football games, of course!

So needless to say, Fall is going to be busy busy busy between work, football games, band practices, and ... a wedding?! More to come later.


Creative Minds said...

Football season is always exciting. :)