Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I lied!

I lied! I'm sorry. I'm indecisive, and if you've hung around this blog for a while you might know that by now.

So for dinner last night, I ended up cooking this:

Only my chicken didn't bread as easily so it was just very flavorful and yummy non-crunchy chicken, and my potato wedges were very crunchy and full of flavor and incredible. Oh my!

And they paired well with this pinot grigio I got from the store the other day... I can't believe I was so blind to not see that this delicious wine existed!

Thank you Ree (Pioneer Woman) for your AMAZING recipes and true talent in the kitchen. I will never go hungry again!

On a side note, why does it take me 1.5 hours to make dinner that should only take 40 minutes? I have a tendency to make cooking times double with any recipe I try.


anya gyllenhaal. said...

I like your blog alot !!
(vinyl addict as well, ricky nelson ftw <3) xxxx

TiLT said...

okay, now my tummy is growling...may have to try this one soon :)

serenity3212@yahoo.com said...

Hey! just letting you know that i have awarded you for a Sunshine Blog Award! follow the link here to claim it!


have a sunshiney day!