Monday, April 20, 2009

New phone!

That's right, my friends. I've been clinging dearly to my previous phone for 2 1/2 years.. and have been through quite a few replacements (of the same model) due to it falling apart! Well, lucky for me, my dad's phone started to crack the week before Easter and he knew I was coming home.. so Happy Easter to me! :) (yeah, I know I'm super late about blogging about it.. but I was so excited I kind of forgot to brag a bit!)

Ready for the reveal?

Here's the old phone, all scratched and scuffed in its glory:

And the new phone!
It's the LG Banter, and it has awesome color and a full keyboard. I think my favorite part is that it shows the actualy conversation with the texting - every message to and from any particular number is grouped together and color coded for who-said-what.. and when you're done you can delete it ALL! :) Very nice.

Yeah! So that's my little post. These pics were taken with my dad's Nikon D80, and I absolutely love the clarity and aperture. It's amazing, and I'm suuuuuper jealous. Really wish I could afford an SLR (or the boyfriend would allow me to put one on credit!), but I guess the wait will make it better and I can find a super fabulous camera for cheaper maybe?

In any case, have a wonderful day! I know life has been much more exciting with this new phone.. it's something new to talk about and spend my time figuring out how to use!


Lindsey said...

Sweet phone! I have the iPhone and it groups the texts into conversations too, which I LOVE. Now the "old way" of texting seems so backwards to me! :D

IfiHadaHammer said...

Sweet new phone! Tag. Your it.