Saturday, January 31, 2009

Special Day!

Today's a pretty special day, if I may say so!
It's my boyfriend and I's 5-year anniversary! We've had more than our share of ups and downs, but I am so incredibly lucky to have him as such a huge part of my life. He is my very best friend. We are almost always together, and even in just the past few months since classes started back in August, we have become closer and closer. We have never been as happy as we are now, and things are only getting better!

I am so happy we're together, and we've made it this far. Opposites attract, and we've definitely stuck it out together through thick and thin so far! I'm so excited for what the future brings! :O)

We started dating 5 years ago, in 2004. I was still a camera freak, but I was a Sophomore in high school and didn't have a camera of my own. For that reason, I used a lot of instant cameras and polaroid film, and they aren't digitalized yet!

This was in the fall of 2005, Michale's freshman year at ECU. Jeremy and I were accepted as well and there for a visit, and couldn't wait to be students there!

My Senior Prom, Spring 2006

Michale and I, 2006

There for another visit - Missed him so much my senior year!

My freshman year, spring 2007

Atlantic Beach, Fall 2008
Banquet, New Years 2008/09

I love him, and that's as much as I can say! :O)


Sara said...

Awww! Congrats on a big milestone!!! =] J and I have been together 5 1/2 yrs as of last year (but married for 3 of them! lol) Either way, such a happy day!!! I love the photo flash back!!! =]

Neil said...

aww that post was really sweet, congrats to you guys and all the best for the future :)

Lindsey said...

How sweet, congratulations!
My boyfriend and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary last September, and I still think to myself "Really? It's been THAT long!?"

Rainbow Swirlz said...

Congrats!:) Happy Anniversary!

jeweledrabbit said...

You two make an adorable couple. :o)