Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wowie Wednesday!

Welcome to Wowie Wednesday!
I figured since I ripped you guys off for a few weeks by not posting a Fabby Friday feature, I'd throw some extras in before Christmas. Hope it evens it out for you! :O)

Here are some awesome items I've found on etsy recently.. I'm always favoriting new things! Maybe you'll find a few gifts for your friends, family, or coworkers?
A) BeautifulBridget: Face Scrubbies These are super cool face scrubbies. You can use them wherever you'd like, if you want to use them on your body or on the tub, or maybe even for dishes! They're so cute and she has lots of different listing for colors and even has flower-shaped ones!
B) KrazyFashion: KF Everything Wallet A pink, polka-dotted accessory that you can use every day? Favulous. I love it! It has pockets, zippers, velcro, the whole nine yards. GREAT as a christmas gift!
C) KDemARTe: Live Laugh Love Necklace What a wonderful phrase to live by.. and it's on a hand-hammered pewter necklace charm! Elegant and refined, but still rustic enough to keep you balance
D) DesignsByJinx: Candy Apple Pink Dog Collar You've got everyone on the list checked off now for gifting.. but what about the dog? Maybe she's on a diet and can't have any more treats.. This is such an adorable collar.. it makes me want to adopt a little puppy right now just so she can wear this charm. :O)
E) Jupita: Psychedelic Flowers Necklace This is a fabulous necklace.. would you guess it's made with some recycled material? How cool! These little flower parts are actually pieces of a really neat Starbucks gift card. Right on!
F) PaperPumpkin: Seedling Fabric Push Pins How cute of an idea is this? Dress up that drab, boring corkboard with some darling push pins covered in fantasically colored fabric! I think this is a great idea for a girly friend or a coworker. I wouldn't mind some of these! (I'll even buy a corkboard for myself to use them with!)


Jupita said...

I can never get these things to accept my comments on the first try.. ugh.

But, thank you for posting a link to my shop. I am glad you like my upcycled Starbucks Gift Card Necklace!!