Monday, December 15, 2008

"Make it Easy" Monday

So today, I wanted to share a recipe with you that I just love! It's Chicken Cacciatore and it's super easy. I admit, it's from Prego, but it's amazing and wanted to let you all in on it too!

Easy Chicken Cacciatore

What you need:
1 pound of frozen/raw chicken breast
1 can/jar of pasta sauce (my favorite is Kroger brand Parmesan & Romano!)
1 box of pasta (rotini or penne are great for this)
Shredded cheese (optional)

Cut your chicken up in cubes once it's defrosted (if it was frozen). Cook over medium heat in a skillet with a bit of vegetable oil until it's cooked (it turns white). When it's ready, put the sauce in with it to heat it up to join with the pasta.

As you're cooking the chicken, boil your water and cook the pasta. Drain, and add the chicken and sauce. Add shredded cheese, to taste.

My boyfriend and I are HUGE on cheese, so we always add cheese to everything. Our favorite way to get the melted cheese in no time is put shredded cheese in the bottom of the bowl you're serving in or eating out of, add your hot food on top, and it will melt underneath! Then you can stir it all up and you've got the stringy cheese in there! :O)

Well that's that.. it's quick and easy and can serve 4. Would be great with green beans or steamed broccoli.



Lindsey said...

Sounds yummy - I'm a big cheese fan too. Cheese makes everything better.

I always thought my mother made THE BEST banana pudding and I found out a couple of years ago it's just the recipe on the box of vanilla wafers.

Sweet Carolina Soaps said...

That sounds great and super easy! My hubby loves cheese so I'll definitely have to try this. We pretty much have to have cheese with all of our meals-haha. Thanks for sharing!!

Gallery Juana said...

Thanks for coming by my blog.

This recipe is definitely a winner. I absolutely love cheese and can never get enough of it.