Sunday, December 14, 2008

In the zone!

Sorry I've been so late with the blog posts every day! Been kind of lazy in the day and busy at night.. haha! Don't ask.. I've reverted back to my summer/winter college student tendencies.. it's typical. :P
Got a little more Christmas shopping done today.. but more importantly my parents came to town for a surprise visit! They were at the beach for a meeting this weekend and decided to pop over for lunch today on the way home. It was very nice.. and they called right after I cooked a huuuge breakfast! (eggs, bacon, homemade hash browns, and apple cinnamon muffins!)
And EVERYTHING came out on time.. wahoo! I'm getting so good at cooking this semester. Thank goodness for finally getting to live in an apartment! But I know as soon as I get home I won't be doing a lot of cooking.. partly because I'm afraid of my parents new kitchen.. it's so nice!

Anywho.. I've got a huge production line going on right now.. I'm making bowls and sealing a ton and have almost covered every counter/table space in the kitchen.. at that point I think I'll have to stop! Hahaha

I'll try to post a picture if it comes out alright.. :P

Tomorrow's monday.. hope you're getting all of your online shopping done SOON! I'm getting a few things off and the deadline for christmas eve arrival date is in 4 days!