Thursday, March 13, 2008

It's been an eventful evening..

I haven't had nearly enough time to work on my craftythings as I had expected to over my spring break. I work best in the morning and mid-day, or at really absurd hours of the night. And it hasn't really been working out.. my sleeping schedule is all crazy and I haven't had the chance to do anything during the day.
But my sister left for Florida today for her boyfriend's sister's wedding, so we're taking care of one of her boxers until she gets back on Monday (I'll be back at school by then..). My cat haaaates other animals because she's a queen and she's spoiled and doesn't like anyone drawing attention away from her. Plus, she's really really old.. give her a break! ;D

But she actually put up with Hayley (the dog) tonight, which was a pleasant surprise.
And I had to go find her after we put the dog to bed, and she was allllll loving up on me. I wish I could take a picture of her right now, she's curled up in my lap and I'm sitting on my bed with the laptop.
Too cute.

Anywho, I realized today that ALCHEMY is back on etsy! I've been a member for 2 solid years, and the button never went to anywhere except a 404 error page. Now it's up and running!
And I made a post for anything really adorable and dragonfly related, and I've gotten 90 responses.
I had 70 after only an hour and 15 minutes tonight. Wow!
So I've still got a while to go before I get through these.. haha!

But I would just like to say that alchemy is great. Once they add some more features to it to make it easier to use as a buyer (like be able to mark bids as read or delete them entirely) and stop sending conversations about the bids, it'll be even better. Right now, I've got 91 unread conversations in my inbox and they're all just notes saying 'hi we're etsy and this seller's made a bid!'

Hope you've all had a super great day, and I'll be back in a few hours after I sleep and get some studying done in the morning! :O)