Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Goodness gracious!

You know, I sure have been thinking about this blog lately, I just haven't updated.. it's been a MONTH! Wow. Sorry, guys and gals!

Well, what to even begin with? Things have been crazy. I've finished my spring semester, and I'm back for summer classes. My roommates have moved out and I'm in the apartment all by myself (weird!), so my mom has been yard saling like crazy and I have a fully stocked kitchen. Right on! I've been home a few times, and my two nephews and my sister's pregnant belly just keep getting bigger and bigger!

I have been really getting into expanding my photography skills and portfolio, and would love to get into the field professionally (or semi-pro, amateur, anything really!). I have done a few photoshoots for free with students here, getting ready to do lots more portraits and a few weddings, too! Ordered a new camera - a Canon Rebel XSi, and it's getting delivered today to my parents' house in Raleigh. Too bad I'm in Greenville! I made a portfolio page for myself, and I'll put a little link up here once I update it with pictures I've taken lately. :)

I promise I'll get back to posting here soon now! Though I'm not sure what the new route will be, since I have so many new things going on now! Two adorable nephews, another niece or nephew on the way, my boyfriend and I are moving in together (officially) in July, and OH! Did I mention? I have TWO new jobs! I'll save talking about that for tomorrow though. :)

Lots of sunshine, happiness, and love to you all!


Elisabeth said...

Cant wait to see you photography stuff! :)

TiLT said...

wow - lots of stuff going on...and it all sounds great! have fun yard sale'ing & playing with the new camera :)