Monday, April 27, 2009

Tag! I'm "it"!

I've been tagged by If I Had A Hammer. I'm sorry I haven't been blogging too much lately; Finals have finally arrived, so I've been going crazy the last few weeks.. They've started (for me) today! :(

8 things I'm looking forward to...

1. Hearing back from some of the jobs I've applied/interviewed for - Especially one at a photography studio in town.. ahh! :O)

2. Being FINISHED with exams.. 2 today, 1 Thursday, 1 Friday, and 1 next Tuesday.. the most exams I've ever had to take!

3. Going on some photography shoots with a few people I've been in contact with - yes, I took the jump and I'm testing the waters for paid photography. I'm SUPER nervous! (It's only $20 an hour, but I'm just hoping I'm good enough/worth the 20 bucks!)

4. Having enough money to afford an SLR by the end of the summer.. ideally now but I know that's not feasible while I'm jobless.

5. My sister having her baby in August.. I'm so excited for her!

6. Moving in with my boyfriend in July - we already pretty much live together but it will be for real in about 3 months!

7. The Strawberry Festival in Vanceboro, NC this saturday.. I hope there are strawberries!

8. Graduating college, beginning a career, and spending the rest of my life with my best friend.

8 things I did yesterday.

Let me say this weekend.. I didn't do much of anything yesterday but I did on Saturday!

1. Friday - Went on an interview at the photography studio and suuuuper anxious to hear back!

2. Saturday - woke up early.. who does that?!

3. Saturday - drove to the coast with my boyfriend. We ate amazing seafood at Capt. Bill's in Morehead City, NC. Awesome popcorn shrimp!

4. Saturday - Went to the aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores; saw sharks, albino frogs, everything! It was great.

5. Saturday - Went to bed early and woke up early again on Sunday.. had an awesome lazy weekend!

6. Sunday - Had pizza for breakfast! But every time he or I have eaten it (including when we first got it for dinner on Friday) we've gotten stomach-aches.. guess we should throw it out, right?

7. Sunday - laid out by the pool with my roommate for a bit. Man, it was hot!

8. Sunday - Studied my butt of for two exams today. I hope I do well!

8 things I wish I could do.

1. Travel through time to skip through exams and things I don't want to do

2. Graduate. PRONTO!

3. Afford an SLR camera

4. Get on a regular workout routine. I hate that I can't fit into any of my skirts or shorts from last fall.. I don't know what happened. Maybe too much beer?

5. Control my eating. I never thought it was a problem, but it's got to be all my snacking if it's not the beer that's done this to me. I can't control what I eat or when I eat it, and I wish I could.

6. Get a freakin job.

7. Not let my emotions get the best of me sometimes.

8. I wish there was one thing I was awesome at.. I do a ton of different things that I can't excel or be great in. It's really annoying!

8 shows I watch.

1. 24

2. One Tree Hill

3. Greek

4. Family Guy

5. George Lopez

6. Full House

7. Fantasy Factory (with Rob Dyrdek! He is sooo funny)

8. Boyfriend has the remote all of the time, so insert all sports programs/video games ever created <> ha!

I'm not going to tag anyone, but if you want to do it I'd love to read! This (surprisingly) took a long time to fill out.. it's hard to think of 8-things for everything! haha :)


IfiHadaHammer said...

Thanks for playing along! Fun read and boy can I relate to the eating and working out.