Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Roller Derby

I decided a couple years ago that I wanted to join a roller derby (when I was of age and when I had the time). Well I'm 22 and I'm a college grad.. and still finding employment! Getting back on some wheels and exercising sounds like a wonderful activity to do in my downtime, right?!

So I've been searching around for a derby league in the area.. and of course some roller skates. Has anyone been a part of a roller derby team, and is it as scary as my boyfriend thinks it is? He said he doesn't want me coming back from practices/bouts with black eyes and bruises.. (aww.. thoughtful!) but I reassured him that I won't necessarily get knocked around like that.. right?

I mean, I'm not the biggest girl, so I'm assuming I could get rolled pretty easily. Unless I have good ducking and maneuvering reflexes.

However, I haven't really roller-skated since I was 13 and went to the roller skating rink every friday night with my girlfriends..

Didn't you hate it when your mom called your friends "girlfriends" when you were younger? I don't understand why I got my panties in such a wad about it.. It's not that big of a deal. I used to giggle when she said she was going out to lunch with her girlfriends, thinking "How many girlfriends do you have, mom?!" Oh.. immature mind.


Little Gray Pixel said...

LOL @ "girlfriends." I used to think the same thing, now I say it all the time.

Good luck on the roller derby. I'm sure I'd end up with all kinds of bruises and black eyes, but they'd probably all be self-inflicted because I'm a klutz.